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Artisan Craft Workshops

Workshops and technical sessions:

Artisan workshops:
  • Cultured dairy: yogurt, butter, kefir, etc.
  • Cured and Smoked meats: various meat products (e.g., fermented, dry-cured, smoked)
  • Vinegar: apple cider, aged (faux balsamic), malt.

Updated Artisan workshops
  • Beverage Fermentation: in two sessions - 1) beer fermentation, and 2) fruit based fermentation (e.g., wine, beer, cider, mead, etc)
  • Distillation: spirits, brandy, liqueurs and adjuncts (e.g., bitters)
  • Introductory cheese making: basic introduction for cheeses that match the production industry in the region
  • Food Fermentation: lacto-fermented and similar products, including kombucha.

Technical sessions
  • Pulse Ingredients for Product Development:  highlighting benefits pulse flours and pulse based ingredients can provide to food formulations, including clean labels, enhanced nutrition, functionality, free of allergens, and lower costs.

Past Workshops:

Artisan Craft Distilling Workshop (5 days)
Bitters and Shrub Workshop (1 day)
Wild Fermentation - Pickles & Kombucha Workshop (1 day)
Advanced Cheesemaking (2 days)
Beverage Fermentation Workshop (2 days)
Distillation Workshop (3 days)
Charcuterie Workshop (2 days)

Please contact to Joy Shinn at or call 902-368-5146 if interested in further information on these, or other previous workshops.