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Annand Clams - Conway, PE

November 2014

Bar Clams Now Processed in Conway, PE

This client profile is published with the permission of Annand Clams.

David and Carla Annand have recently opened the only bar clam processing facility in Atlantic Canada. Annand Clams, Conway, PE, offers fishers a secure market to sell their bar clams. These clams are harvested on PEI from April to December every year.

Annand Clams currently processes four value-added products including fresh frozen clam meat, clams on the half-shell, deep fried bar clams and bar clam tarts. Bottled bar clams were recently added to their product line-up. 

BioFoodTech was contracted to develop the thermal process for production of shelf-stable bar clams in jars. Annand Clams provided the formulation and the package for the product, and specified the packaging style and other preferences. BioFoodTech established the thermal process needed to ensure safety of the product and assisted Annand Clams with attaining approvals from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. 

Carla and David Annand attended the Canadian Better Process Control School, held at BioFoodTech earlier in 2014, and delivered by Gary Dmytrow, a well-recognized Canadian expert in thermal processing.