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Royal Star Foods Ltd. goes to Market with a new Lobster Product

March 2014

Royal Star Foods Ltd. goes to market with a new lobster product 

Royal Star Foods Ltd. has recently introduced a new value-added lobster concentrate to its line of products. The Star of the Sea Lobster Concentrate was developed at BioFoodTech and is 100% lobster. It is available frozen and is an excellent way for chefs at home and in restaurants to add lobster flavour to their creations. 

The concentrate is a smooth, flavourful, creamy paste that was developed by collaboration between Global Food Technologies Inc. and BioFoodTech and resulted in a proprietary process that has recently been implemented at Royal Star Foods Ltd. for commercial production this season. 

The implementation was done by Global Food Technologies of PEI and involved equipment installation and verification, process testing and staff training as well as adding the process to Royal Star's BRC quality management system.

The concentrate will also be used by Royal Star Foods Ltd. as an ingredient in future new products being developed by BioFoodTech.