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Aldanel Authentic Tomato-Based Sauces

October 2013

Aldanel Authentic Products Inc. Tomato-Based Sauce Products  

In December of 2012, Ms. Laure Solange Tchamdja, the president and CEO of Aldanel Authentic Products, Inc. approached BioFoodTech to help convert her ideas, inspired by her grandmother’s homemade tomato sauce recipe, into retail products. Over the next few months, several tomato based sauces were developed for large scale production. 

The products are currently being manufactured for retail sale in BioFoodTech’s pilot plant facility. Proprietary processes are employed to make five products with unique appearance, flavour and texture characteristics: “Tomato Celebration”, “Carrot Symphony”, “Chili Tango”, “Spinach Carnival”, and “Rouge Poivron”. 

The company’s motto is “to make cooking experience fun and easy for everyone.” These products are multi-purpose sauces that can be used as condiments, entrée sauces and marinades. Aldanel’s products are currently available at various Co-op Atlantic stores in Prince Edward Island. 

More stores in Quebec will soon be carrying the products. See: (, or contact: