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October 2016 newsletter (Charcuterie Workshop, SALTY Food Publication, PEI Spirits Festival, Food Xcel, Taking your Product to market, HACCP Workshops)

September 2016 newsletter (OXITEST, Island Artisan Cheesehouse, From Field & Forest, Get Connected - Atlantic Food conference, ALAB)

July 2016 newsletter (That's Island Style, Tapping into Beverage Trends, Diversity Award, Vibrio Workshop, US FDA- Nutrition labelling)

May 2016 newsletter (PEI Preserve Co. - no sugar added preserves, Food Safety Vendor Requirements, Hemp Oil Canada's Florentines, 5 Day Distilling Workshop)

April 2016 newsletter (Intl. Year of Pulses, Supporting Shellfish Industry, Obesity Rates in Canada, All About Flavours, Supporting Future Food Scientists)

March 2016 newsletter (Accelerating Agri-Entrepreneurs and Innovation, Artisan Workshop News, Intro to Fermentation, Intro to Distillation, 2016 Food Safety Workshops)

February 2016 newsletter Black Whale Sea Salt Co., CIFST Food Industry News, Food Safety Workshops: Vibrio Workshop, Allergen Workshop)

January 2016 newsletter (SCC Lab Accreditation, Artisan Workshops: Cheesemaking, Wild Fermentation, Safe Food for Canadians Act, Food Safety Workshops: Vibrio Workshop, Allergen Workshop)

December 2015 newsletter (Artisan Workshops, ACORN Conference, Cheesemaking, Wild Fermentation, Strengthening Canada's Food Chain Webinar)

October 2015 newsletter (Food Island Partnership, Food Island Day, Delivra's Portapack Packaging Equipment, Artisan workshops)

August 2015 newsletter (Artisan Processing Equipment, Artisan workshops, Food Allergen Testing at BioFoodTech)

May 2015 newsletter (Maple Liqueur-Deep Roots Distillery, Somru BioScience, BIAP funding, etc.)

February 2015 newsletter (Aldanel Sauces, Thermal Processing Workshops, State of the Industry Event, etc.)

November 2014 newsletter (Bar Clams- Annand Clams, Staff Profile - Jin Lim, PEI Vintners' Award Winning Wines, Food Safety Workshops, etc.) 

September 2014 newsletter (PE to NL Viking Voyage/Auk Island, Semintha Nutraceuticals, UN-WHO Committee - Food Additives, Food Safety Workshops, etc.)

August 2014 newsletter (Keybrand Foods/Johnston's Homestyle, Deep Roots Distillery Grand Opening, Food Safety Workshops, etc.)

June 2014 newsletter (The Golden Drop/Honeydew Apiaries, Agri-Marketing Program Market Development Stream for SMEs, Food Safety Workshops, etc.)

May 2014 newsletter (Canadian Better Process Control School at BioFoodTech, Agri-Marketing Program Market Development Stream for SMEs, Pilot and Discovery Fund, available Food Safety Workshops, etc.)

April 2014 newsletter (Deep Roots Distillery, Pilot and Discovery Fund, Thermal Processing Workshop, HACCP and the Control of Listeria Workshop , etc.)

March 2014 newsletter (Royal Star Lobster Concentrate, Artisan Cheesemaking, Distillation, and Fermentation Workshops, HACCP and the Control of Listeria Workshop , etc.)

December 2013 newsletter (Pasteurization Retort, Artisan Cheesemaking, Distillation, and Fermentation Workshops, HACCP and the Control of Listeria Workshop , etc.)

November 2013 newsletter(Mission: ImPULSEible National Finals, Artisan Cheesemaking, Distillation, and Fermentation Workshops, PEI Industry Tours (CIFST),HACCP and the Control of Listeria Workshop , etc.)

October 2013 newsletter(Aldanel Authentic Sauces, Artisan Cheesemaking, Distillation, and Fermentation Workshops, PEI Industry Tours (CIFST),HACCP and the Control of Listeria Workshop , etc.)

September 2013 newsletter(Artisan Cheesemaking, Distillation, and Fermentation Workshops, PEI Industry Tours (CIFST), Benchtop Liquid Filler, etc.)


August 2013 newsletter(Ceapro's Novel Drying Process, Career Focus wage subsidy program, water activity meter, etc.)

June 2013 newsletter(Five Sisters of Lavender Lane, I&P Site Visits, Meiko Sanitizing System, Mark Lynas Luncheon, etc.)

May 2013 newsletter(Asset Map for Food Innovation in Atlantic Canada, Innovation Productivity Seminars, ADAPT Council Workshop: Turn Your Agri-Idea into a Business, Senator Commends PEI Organizations, Marketing with Health Food Claims, etc.)

April 2013 newsletter(Asset Map for Food Innovation in Atlantic Canada, Mission ImPULSEible; Innovation Productivity Seminar - Moncton, Processing Facility for Sale, etc.)

February 2013 newsletter(Innovation Productivity Seminars, Agri-Insight Prince Edward Island, Artisan Craft Distilling Workshop, Dried Fruits and Berries Workshop, etc.)

January 2013 newsletter(Artisan Craft Distilling Workshop, Dried Fruits and Berries Workshop, Innovation Productivity Seminars, etc.)

December 2012 newsletter(Beamish Orchard Apple Butter, Holiday Hours, BizPaL, Innovation Road Map, etc.)

November 2012 newsletter(E. coli in Beef - Testing and Training at BIO|FOOD|TECH; Cooking Mechanically Tenderized Beef; PEI Bioscience Cluster Lays Out Agressive Strategy for Growth; BioTalent Canada website, etc)

October 2012 newsletter(MOU with Canada's Smartest Kitchen, Turnkey facility at WRIP, Co-packaging opportunity at PEI BioCommons Park, Wage Subsidy Programs)

June 2012 newsletter(2012 Food Innovation Award, Cheese Workshop, CMP Receives AIF Funding)

May 2012 newsletter(Artisan Cheese Workshop, Koch Hydraulic Piston Stuffer/Volumetric Portioner, DTAPP)

April 2012 newsletter  (Ceapro/beta-glucan, Double Can Seamer, Science Fair Awards)

March 2012 newsletter  (PEI Juice Works Blueberry Juices, Canadian Food Summit, Staff Profile (JG), Writing Award Winning Proposals)

February 2012 newsletter  (Renovated Bioscience Technology Lab, Canada Research Chair Candidate Presentations on Natural Products, Food Trends, Science Fair - Call for volunteers

December 2011 newsletter  (Fruits & Berries Dehydration Workshops, Canadian Food Summit)

September 2011 newsletter  (BIO|FOOD|TECH Branding Announcement, Concept to Pilot to Market)


July-August 2011 newsletter  (Fortress Metal Detector; IFT Food Expo 2011; Digital Thermometer Use for BBQ Grilling)

June 2011 newsletter  (Zoonoses from Giardia and Cryptosporidium; Microbial Challenge Testing; IPEI Pilot and Discovery Fund; ProfitLearn Business Start-Up Boot Camp)

May 2011 newsletter  (Lobster - a healthy choice; Global Food Safety Initiative; Omega-9 Oils; Graduate Student and Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program)

April 2011 newsletter  (BioPotato Network, Research on Potato Products; Anthocyanins Content, Canadian Food Health Claim Roadmap Tool)

March 2011 newsletter  (Duinkerken Foods Gluten-free products, Environmental Monitoring for Listeria, BioCommons Manufacturing Centre)

December 2010 newsletter  (Ceapro Inc., Advanced Sensory Laboratory, Development and Commercialization Fund)


November 2010 newsletter (Island Innovator Wins Food "Oscar"; Rhubarb - Anne's PEI Farm; Microwave Moisture/Solids Analyzer; PEI Public Internship Program)

October 2010 newsletter (Global SIAL d'Or - The Honey Drop™; Cranberries, EZ-2 Plus Evaporator)

September 2010 newsletter (Bax® System; FOODTECH Canada; Rational SelfCooking Center®)

July-August 2010 newsletter (MAP; Maritime Pulse Drying Operating in PEI; 2010 Food Trends Survey)

June 2010 newsletter (Island Abbey Foods; Hobart Continuous-Feed FP400 Food Processor; CIFST)

May 2010 newsletter (FOODTECH Canada's Industry Symposium; Bax® System; Curry)

April 2010 newsletter (Confidentiality at FTC; Chromatography for Separation and Purification)

March 2010 newsletter (Oysters Rockyfellas - Future Seafoods; Vanilla)

February 2010 newsletter (Soup from the Seas - Creamy Seafood Chowder Mix; ÄKTA Crossflow)

December 2009 newsletter (Duinkerken Foods - Gluten-free products; Biopotato Network; Proficiency Test)

November 2009 newsletter (Honibe™ Honey Delights™; CCTT; Komet D85-1G Oil Expeller)

October 2009 newsletter (Using DNA Analysis to Identify Vibrio;Antioxidants)

September 2009 newsletter  (Soy Hardy - Soy Nuts; Library Resources at FTC; Pilot Fund)

July-August 2009 newsletter (Haskap - Phytocultures; Container Consolidation Service; Excalibur Food Dehydrator)

June 2009 newsletter (The Honey Drop™; Coffee; NSERC Industrial Undergraduate Student Research Award program)

May 2009 newsletter (Proactive PEI Seafood Processors; Lycopene; Sherwood TORNADO M501 Fluid Bed Dryer)

April 2009 newsletter (Fermentation Services; Pharmacognosy; Agri-Opportunities Program)

March 2009 newsletter (Prince Edward Island Preserve Co.; Intl. Potato Convention; TEKMASH Processor)

February 2009 newsletter (Bio Vision Technology Inc.; Allergens in Foods; Algae)

December 2008 newsletter (Environmental Health; Microencapsulation; Loop Airlift Fermentors)

November 2008 newsletter ("Product of Canada" and "Made in Canada" Food Labelling Guidelines; MiniScan XE Plus Spectrocolorimeter)

October 2008 newsletter (Nautilus Biosciences Canada; Fibre-fortified Products; Control of Listeria in Food Processing Plants; 2008 Atlantic Canada Dairy Ingredients Seminar)

September 2008 newsletter (Listeria Workshop; Navigating the Food Regulatory and Food Safety Certification Maze; Food Forensics)

July-August 2008 newsletter (AgraWest Foods; Active Food Packaging; Airlift Fermentor)

June 2008 newsletter (CIFST/AAFC Conference; Charlottetown Metal Products; Atlantic Canada Network on Bioactive Compounds - Blueberries and Rosehips Extracts)

May 2008 newsletter (2008 CIFST/AAFC Conference issue)

April 2008 newsletter (Natural Sources for Modern Pharmaceuticals; Supercritical Fluid Extraction Workshop; Bioscience Technology Program)

March 2008 newsletter (First Venture Technologies Corp - Functionally-enhanced yeast strains; Labelling Claims; Varian Prostar/Prepstar HPLC System)

February 2008 newsletter (Amalgamated Dairies - Flavoured Butter Oil; The Effect of Particle Size on Extraction Efficiency; APV AnhydroPilot Laboratory Vacuum Evaporator)

January 2008 newsletter (An Island Innovation: The Honey Drop™ - Non-Messy Honey; Using Polymerase Chain Reaction in Microbiology)

December 2007 newsletter (Sepragen QuantaSep 100 Automated Chromatography)

November 2007 newsletter (PEI Specialty Chowders - Supreme Seafood Chowder; NSAC students tour)

October 2007 newsletter (Fermentation in Modern Processing; Resurgence of Potatoes; HACCP Workshop)

September 2007 newsletter (Genesis R&D SQL Nutritional Labelling and Product Development; Volumetric Karl Fischer Water Titration)

Summer 2007 newsletter (Bioprospecting for Neuroprotectants; Kason Fluid Bed Processor)

June 2007 newsletter (OvoPharm Ltd - Immunoglobulin; Shellfish and Seafood Season - Lab Analysis; Cocoa)

May 2007 newsletter (From Idea Concept to the Grocery Store: FTC's Role in Assisting Small and Medium Scale Food Processors; Liquid In - Liquid Out; Evaporative Light Scattering Detector)

April 2007 newsletter (Chinese Restaurant Sauces; NPE - Purification and Separation; Nutrition Labelling Requirements; Promarks Double Chamber Vacuum Packager)

March 2007 newsletter (SFE Workshop; Good Laboratory Practices Workshop; Sepragen QuantaSep 100 Automated Chromatography System)

February 2007 newsletter (Natural or Not?; Intact™ RM571 Vacuum Skin Packager; Cavendish Farms Provides Feedback)

January 2007 newsletter (FoodTrust Launches Value-Added Potato Products; Eliminating Trans Fats)

December 2006 newsletter (Production of Natural Flavours by Microorganisms; Wireless Thermal Mini Loggers)

November 2006 newsletter (Soy Hardy Roasted Soy Nuts; Food Safety Consumer Concerns; Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE) for Natural Products Extraction)

October 2006 newsletter (Duinkerken Foods Gluten-Free Products; Reducing Salt in Foods; Komet D85-1G Oil Expeller)

September 2006 newsletter (Charlottetown Metal Products - Innovative Cookers; Finnigan LCQ Advantage MAX; Uninterruptible Power Supply at FTC)

August 2006 newsletter (The Home Place Inn and Restaurant - Meat Pies; Extraction, Isolation and Purification; Microfluidizer 110-EH)

July 2006 newsletter (Kudos to the PEI Shellfish Industry; Antioxidants from Green Tea; Leica Fluorescence Microscope)

June 2006 newsletter (AgraWest - Mashed Potato; Ultrafiltration; PCR Testing)

May 2006 newsletter (Extrusion Technology; C.W. Brabender Data Processing Plasti-Corder PL-2000 with Extruder)

April 2006 newsletter (Improvements to Lab Services; Reiser Dixie Union DV2000 Packager)

March 2006 newsletter (Gluten-free Product Development - Duinkerken Foods; Process Engineering from Process Conception to Equipment Commissioning; Virtis Virtual 50 EL-90 Freeze Dryer)

February 2006 newsletter (Application of Sensory Analysis in Product Development and Quality Control; Westphalia Separator; 2006 Dairy Ingredients Seminar)

January 2006 newsletter (New Food Product Development - Financial Forecast and Analysis and Commercial Launching; Stephan Universal Vertical Mixer VM 60/HC)

December 2005 newsletter (Ultrasounds in Extraction of Biomolecules; Rheon KN 200 Cornucopia Co-Extruder; Things to Consider for Large Scale Production)


November 2014 newsletter