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Research on Potato Products

Research on Potato Products

<The following text is excerpted from “Innovation Express, Science News from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada”, Vol. 3, No.1/ABIP Supplement>

The BioPotato Network combined the expertise of plant breeders, food scientists, molecular biologists, and plant production specialists to commercialize potato extracts, develop healthier potato varieties, and discover new uses for potatoes. One of the four areas of focus for the network was the development of potato functional foods and nutraceuticals. This research involved the investigation of potato bioactives and their health interactions at the University of Prince Edward Island, the National Research Council’s Institute of Nutrisciences and Health in Charlottetown, Dalhousie University in Halifax and the Potato Research Centre in Fredericton.

In one research project, scientists at the Food Technology Centre adapted the potato granulation process used to make dehydrated instant mashed potatoes to include anthocyanin-rich colourful potatoes bred at AAFC’s Potato Research Centre.

Anthocyanins, the natural colourants found in fruits and vegetables, have recently been studied for their nutritional aspects and antioxidant activities. The research chefs at Holland College, Canada’s Smartest Kitchen, used the anthocyanin-rich potato granules to develop new functional food product concepts for commercialization such as colourful mashed potatoes.